Welcome, Selenators sisters or borthers. Here is our project: from the bulgarian Selenators and one of the BG fan sites for Selena, SelenaMarieFans. And if you are interesed this is the second part- you can visit the first one.


We are not just a fan base. ]

"I love when Selenators cry when they meet Selena that means they truly love her and they deserve to meet her. "
" Twinkle, twinkle, little star. Selena Gomez's come so far. Haters, fakers, go away. Selenators are always here to stay! "
 ""Selena Gomez has no fans" Selenators and fans are two different things. ;)" " Dear Selenators, I don't consider you as a strong fanbase that I happen to be part of.You're my second family. And I love you endlessly."
"Selenators you are my family"
"One day all the Selenators will meet Selena."

Selena Gomez
As you know, Selena Gomez is an actress, singer, a designer, a dancer and etc. She is amazing for everyone of us!

So,Let's say "Thank You Selena"!
It's time to say "Thank you, Selena". Thank you for everything!
"Thank you Selena Gomez from the Selenators."
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"What I awlays wanted to say to Selena? Selena, ot the way I call her,Sel, is very much for me. I always wanted to tell her:
 1. Thank you ! Thank you for everything that I had and I have and I hope I will keep have ! Thank you for the hug ,the kiss,the beautiful wordsand the autograph,wich still remindes me for that day. 
 2. Selena, you are the person, who can be a rolemodel to all.. I am happy that you are yourself. I love you beacuse you are just YOU! You are the star that I love!
 3. I am pround that I am Selenator, and I will always be.
 4. The last thing that I want to tell you is that I want you to make a concert in Bulgaria, Greece or Turkey. I love you and your song. I want to listen to you live . 
I love you, Selena - Your lovely, sincere, true Selenator! :)

"I like her because she's an inspiring person, she's talented and she cares about her fans, that's what makes been a Selenator so beautiful. Selena Gomez Mar 9 I like her since 2006, I've seen her playing on Barney & Friends in 2004, but I was only 4 years old so I've couldn't be a fan yet. Selena Gomez Mar 9 Selena is my inspiration, my idol, my everything. She's here for me when other people aren't, she saved my life. ♥"  - @selenkarusso
A real Selenator is not who knows everything about Selena, watched all her movies etc. It's who always support her and will never leave. Yes, I am Selenator, just in case you don't know it and I am glad of this.


"Selena FOREVER! Selenator from 2009, BIG BIG Selenator from 2012. Selena is beauty, naturaly, homecoming queen, holywood dream, just beautiful queen,she is just she! I love Selena,Selena is in my heart, Selena is my world!"

The End 

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